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Concert Promoters Is Suing Tekashi 6ix9ine For $5.3million

It seems like while rapper tekashi 6ix9ine might have been released from the lengthy prison sentence. However, the rapper has landed himself on yet another major trouble. Fans must look into the details of this new controversial that sounds pretty heated. Well, Tekashi sure does love some fair share of drama it seems.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Surrounded By Another Controversy Yet Again! Here’s What We Know.

Tekashi 6ix9ine to Be Sued for $5.3 Million | Complex
Source: Complex

The young rapper has been sued by concert promoters for a whopping amount of US$5.3million. According to the allegation, Tekashi canceled a concert without any prior notice. What is worse is he performed another gig on the very same night! This has made the promoters a heavy loss and is now suing Tekashi.

Some Concert Promoters Are Suing Tekashi For A Huge Amount Of Money.

Although he canceled the concert, the rapper did take US$58,470 as an advanced fee. Even after taking such a lump sum amount, the rapper made some defamatory comments about them on social media and tried to throw a negative light on them. Takashi even called them corrupt and scamming!

Tesfalidet and Alexander are the two people who filed the lawsuit against the young rapper back in 2018. However, they did withdraw the legal lawsuit after six months, with a charge this severe, and it would be interesting to see what Tekashi has to say about the trial. His life anyway, has always been surrounded by some dramatic controversies at all times. He has also mocked some other rappers for renting cars for their album videos!

The Rapper Is All See To Release A Joint Track With Nicki Minaj!

Takashi has been in the negative frame of light following his involvement in some significant New York street gang issues. He was supposed to serve to longer prison time but was released on an early notice. Amidst all the ongoing controversies, the rapper is all set to release his joint single with Nicki Minaj! This track will be the first project after Tekashi’s release from prison. This his comeback into the music industry! So this project is pretty important for him.

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