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Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Spin-Off Is Returning For Season 3!

Cobra Kai is a spin-off to the original and highly successful The Karate Kid film. And this show is set up 34 after the original movie revolving around Johny Lawrence, whose feud rekindles with Daniel LaRusso, and the former eventually sets up his much dreamt of Cobra Kai dojo.

Renewal Status Of Cobra Kai Season 3

The show got officially renewed for a third season by the makers, and we cannot be much happier than it.

Expected Release Date Of Cobra Kai Season 3

However, no exact release date or period has been revealed, but we believe in coming up by 2023. This year is possibly not to happen because of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, which is not coming to a stop. Hence, we cannot predict when will the production work be resumed.

Cobra Kai Season 3
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Major News Revolving Around Cobra Kai Season 3

There are a lot of expectations and things that the viewers want to see, which includes a kind of joint venture between Johny and Daniel to uproot Kreese, who has taken over Cobra Kai. Then comes up recovering of Miguel and a possible reconciliation between him and Sam, which was one of the cutest elements of the show.

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What Else Can We Expect From Cobra Kai Season 3

Also, what else do we expect is that we saw a lot of Cobras leaving the institute and it is very likely the same happens in the upcoming flick since Kreese is not stopping to teach them some really dangerous techniques. Apart from it, there are a lot of theories that arise in our minds but cannot be told altogether here.

So we just hope that all of them get answered and shown in the third season. It came out quite surprising as to that karate based follow up could be a success to such a level surpassing even the film. But yes, it is very much possible if good content is clubbed with exceptional direction and acting.

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