How Soon Can You Clean Tile After Grouting

If you plan to improve the space in which you live or your business space, and you do not plan to spend too much money on it, the best solution is to install new floor tiles. New floor tiles will surely bring freshness to the old space, and clear and clean grout will leave the impression that you have completely renovated the room. And at the same time, it won’t cost you too much. If you still like old tiles and you really want to save money, just renewing the joints can give a great effect.

After installing the tiles and returning the furniture, it is necessary to wipe the new floor in detail. you may not be sure when you have waited long enough for the joints to dry and when your floor is ready to clean and restore the furniture. The grout serves to lay the tiles and fasten them to the floor, however, it is necessary to wait for the mass to dry well for it to really work. Otherwise, we can disrupt everything. But again, how long do we have to wait?


Mostly drying of the joint for the first cleaning takes about 3 hours, all depending on which type of joint is used. For more intensive cleaning that requires the use of chemicals and higher pressure, it is necessary to pass 72 hours after grouting.

If the width between the tiles is less than 1/8 inch, an unpolished joint is mostly used because it has a stronger bonding power but dries more slowly. The longer the joint dries, the whiter and stronger the binding power. In general, when applying a grout, there is a high probability that a small layer will remain on the tiles. no matter how precise the masters are, this problem will most likely happen because it is very difficult to avoid. This is known as fog and occurs when the joint dries.

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The unpolished grout is very easy to move, with ordinary water and a sponge, of course, if you start cleaning on time. If you leave the mass to dry on the tiles, you will have a problem later. It is best to remove the mist from the tiles within 24 hours. However, if you used sanded grout or let it dry, it is possible that tile cleaning will be much harder for you. In that case, it is best to take a fogging agent on the tiles.


This chemical must be diluted, which is certainly pointed out in the instructions for use. And then the process goes the same as usual: clean the tiles well with a floor cloth or sponge. Do not forget the space under the dresser, next to the wall and door. The first cleaning when installing or renovating tiles is crucial.

If you are one of those who do not want to use chemicals in your house, do not scrape the excess of this mass and the tile with a sharp object or wire. This way you will only damage the tiles and do more damage. In this case, we suggest you take a bath of white vinegar and water in which you will pour a little dishwashing detergent. This is a safe and secure bath for both you and the tiles.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane