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Caltech Alum Robert Behnken Were fully Prepared For The Launch

Here comes the latest news from our space agency, NASA – the Demo-2 mission is ready to liftoff right from the Kennedy Space centre’s historic launch complex today at 4.33 EDT.

As the manager and commander of the mission, Behnken is responsible for certain activities to take over including rendezvous, docking and undocking, and other activities of the spacecraft Demo-2 while they are about to dock into the space station.

Further, the report revealed that the colonel in the United States Air Force flew on two space shuttle missions and logged over more than 708 hours in the outer space.

For earning his master’s degree and PhD in mechanical engineering, the manager logged many hours at Caltech which manages currently the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA.

There is a lot information about his background in the NASA biography and can view more click in the gallery.

The 2010 Caltech profile captures Behnken before his final shuttle flight, and he shares his details about his experience as an astronaut and what will it look like in his background information.

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