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Brock Lesnar Is Not Returning To UFC!

Brock Lesnar isn’t returning lower to the UFC anyway. His preferred intentions in the rear had been horribly misguided.

That is predictable with UFC president Dana White, who tended to Lesnar’s ubiquity after uncovering various weeks in the past that he wasn’t returning lower to battle again and ruling heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier could as an elective face Stipe Miocic in a rematch at UFC 241 in September.

Why WWE Wrestler Brock Lesnar Not Returning To The UFC?

For the higher an aspect of the past a year, Cormier has been seeking after a battle contrary to Lesnar after the WWE famous actor made a wonder look confine perspective at UFC 226 and wound up pushing the past double cross Olympian to begin selling what became estimated to be a possible standoff among them 2.

Before Lesnar should battle again, he expected to re-input the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) drug looking at the pool and serve out the remainder of a first suspension for a negation of the UFC’s enemy of doping strategy.

Brock Lesnar's UFC return cancelled as WWE legend retires… meaning no blockbuster Cormier fight

Why Is He Not Returning?

Lesnar dealt with all that, and he got cleared to return as right on time as of January anyway the battle, contrary to Cormier in no way, shape, or form arrived together.

White, at that point, startlingly acquainted that Lesnar selected with live resigned and could now never again be getting back to the UFC.

Hypothesis initiated almost immediately that Lesnar rejected the UFC’s give in component because of the reality all the compensation per-see promotes have now moved underneath the ESPN umbrella as an aspect of the organization’s seven a year address the Disney possessed network and the monetary motivators had been not as incredible.

Other Information

Lesnar got one of the UFC’s biggest draws in all through his former stretches with the advancing, and he made an enormous aspect of his check from the lower back quit of pay-per-see purchases.

It appears to be monetary security turned into an immense aspect of Lesnar’s decision making anyway White cases it had nothing to do with the UFC’s new compensation per-see shape anyway rather, WWE CEO Vince McMahon doing the whole in his vitality to keep up the bulky heavyweight on his list.

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