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Breaking Bad: El Camino 2? Is A Sequel Possible? Here’s What We Know

Breaking Bad: El Camino 2:

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie first premiered in theatres on October 11, 2019, followed by a Netflix release. The film was a huge success in attracting audiences and rave reviews on each site, despite the fact that so far they had only achieved a quarter of the budget they used to do on the film.

The plot of the movie is exactly where it left off in Breaking Bad. Jessie Pinkman is the focus of the film.

We see him again bouncing from ruin and breaking almost everything, his lover, friend, best friend, home, his RV. He comes back down the road and still carries out a scandalous crime. Now, apart from mentioning spoiler, it allows us to jump to the possibility of a sequel.

Is there a possibility of a sequel?

Gilligan said in an interview: “I have to discover a whole new story that isn’t in the Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul universe to do next.” Just because I don’t want to stop my reception, we’ll see how it happens. But I never say, but I think it’s time for me to do something new. ‘

Gilligan is not completely opposed to the concept, but it seems she wants to move in a new direction. He wishes to separate himself from the world of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

So there is a chance that he will take Jessie Pinkman to a whole new city with interesting characters and stories, or that he will leave the Breaking Bad universe entirely. Listening to the interview, it seems that the latter is the case.

Other Updates:

As long as Vince Gilligan is on the project as a director, writer, and producer, Aaron Paul is fine with doing several sequels. At least enough to know that everyone is on the same side.

Therefore, for more information related to it stay tuned with us and share your thoughts through a comment below, respectively.

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