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Brain Austin Green And Megan Fox: Split-Up Rumors? What’s The Truth

The couple appears to have failed in their intention to save their marriage, according to the source.

The publication disputes whether separation is forever this time, since they divorced for the first time a few years ago, but soon reconciled and had their third child together.

The couple has three children together and several witness reports continue to appear, saying they saw an auto exchange where the children fell and reunited between Megan and Brian.

The couple is not quarantined together:

Brian Austin Green lives in Malibu, while Megan Fox lives with her children in Kalabasa and they have not quarantined together.

In February of this year, the couple posed together for an advertising campaign.

Brain was seen without the wedding ring:

Rumors are circulating that Megan and Brian have separated since Brian appeared without his wedding ring several times last month and Megan appeared without hers last week. In addition to all the “speculation”, there is the fact that the sources have just published photos of Megan out and about with Machine Gun Kelly.

Brian’s latest Instagram post

Add to that Brian’s latest Instagram post, which is a rather secret message about butterflies – you may remember that Meghan famously has a tattoo that says “We will all laugh at golden butterflies.”

However, neither Megan nor Brian commented on the rumors about their division, and it is unclear whether they have been dissolved or not.

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