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Black Adam: Star Noah Centineo Reveals His Physique For The Role Of Atom Smasher

Here is what we know about Noah Centineo reprising the role of Al Rothstein in the upcoming DC film!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with The Justice Society of America must be well aware of the fact that the group is going to make its official debut later in the Black Adam film set in the DC Extended Universe. This is going to surely have the character if Albert Al Rothstein is also known popularly as the Atom Smasher.

This role is going to be reprised by the favorite actor of the teenage youth right now, that is, Noah Centineo. Even though it is well known to everybody that the process of production is way off the cards as of right now, but we do have our actor Noah Centineo who has revealed his superhero physique.

Here is what Noah Centineo shared on his Instagram about his superhero body!

On his personal social media handle of Instagram, Noah went on and revealed two pictures that showed off the fabulous muscular build which he has and jokingly captioned it by asking a question whether he should begin his training process again or not.

It should be kept in mind that Al Rothstein is actually the godson of the Golden Age Aton that is Al Pratt while also being the founding member of the original Infinity Incorporation. It is actually a team of people who are mostly in with ties to the JSA.

Here is what the role of Noah Centineo as Al Rothstein is all about!

This particular character of Centineo is a metahuman who has the strength of a superman. All this while he is also able to grow himself in incredible sizes of his own. A closeness between Black Adam as well as Al Rothstein was developed when Adam was in a brief stint with the JSA even though they were considered as rivals in the first instinct.

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