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Birds Of Prey: Harley Quinn Competes With Joker On Age Rating

The hyena-filled antics of Harley Quinn in Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey film would not be good for anyone under the age of 18.

According to a source, the female-led Suicide Squad follow up has been granted an R-rating for strong intensity and communication throughout, and some physical and narcotic things.

This indicates the primary R-rating given to a mainstream DCEU project. We know what you are considering, but Todd Phillips’ Joker is not part of Warner Bros.

DC universe (and not actually a superhero-type film anyway). That project was very much a standalone story that deliberately had no interest in follow-up to any other superhero films produced by the production house.

Joker and Deadpool have ultimately persuaded studios and creators

Although, it seems as if Joker and Deadpool have ultimately persuaded studios and creators that an R-rating can still lead to stellar come back at theatres.

For example, Joker lately exceeded $1 billion globally and became the highest-earning R-rated movie in the history of cinemas.

It also took four main Golden Globe namings. Perhaps this suggests Todd McFarlane will ultimately get the funding for his fiercely horrific and long-gestating Spawn reboot.