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Bill & Ted Face The Music: World Record Break For Most People Simultaneously Playing Air Guitar

Keanu Reeves’s latest science-fiction comedy film titled Bill & Ted Face The Music finally hit the theaters. It is directed by Dean Parisot and penned by Chris Matheson
and Ed Solomon. It is the third part of the Bill & Ted trilogy. The main lead stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, reprised their roles of Ted “Theodore” Logan and William S. “Bill” Preston. It is produced by Scott Kroopf, David Haring, Alex Lebovici,  Steve Ponce, etc.

Recently the film achieved a milestone; it set a world record just only because of the loyal fans. So keep reading to know more about it here:

Bill & Ted Face The Music Set A Guinness World Record

Recently, the newly released film Bill & Ted Face The Music managed to break a world record. Just a few days back, fans filmed themselves while playing Bill and Ted’s air guitar riff. It happened as a part of promoting the new film. Total of186 people participated in the challenge. So this challenge helped in breaking the world record. The previous record involved a whole of 100 people.

So, due to this challenge, Bill & Ted Face The Music won a Guinness World Record. So it’s a massive achievement for the film. Watch the video of the movie setting the most significant record:

 Bill & Ted Face the Music
Source: CNet

Bill & Ted Face The Music Released In Theaters

Bill & Ted Face The Music was released in the cinemas on August 28, 2024. On the same day, it was also available on Video On Demand. The third and final part of the Bill & Ted trilogy took a very long time to happen, but fans are giving so much love to it. The critics also appreciated the film, especially for the cast performances.

So if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it in the theaters or on VOD. Check its trailer here: