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Beta Ray Bill In Thor 4? Hunger Games Star Fills Rumors About The Casting

Beta Ray Bill In Thor 4? Hunger Games Star Fills Rumors About The Casting

Over the years, it has become easier to name who has not been recruited by Disney. With several films released every year, House of Mouse has extended its network far and wide so that each character looks big and small. In this case, we recently learned that they would be watching Robert De Niro for a role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Interestingly, once every actor, actress, and member of the MCU crew also becomes a family affair once they see it. For example, Sean Gun played the role of Kraaglin Obonteri in some films (and even gained momentum for Rocket Rockon and Groot). At the same time, his older brother, James, directed the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films. (And they too) to take the board to third place.

Of course, fans wonder if the same thing will happen for the Hemsworth family, and it seems that it is likely at the last minute. As we recently reported, Disney is looking to update the Guardians of the Galaxy lineup after the third movie, and one of the new team members will be none other than Beta Ray Bill, who is in Thor: Love and Thunder Debuts. It seems that the studio already has someone in mind for the role.

Are the rumors true about casting?

Sources reported that: a name that Marvel catches Bill’s attention is none other than Liam Hemsworth. Perhaps best known for playing the role of Gayle Hawthorne in the series The Hunger Games, he is also the brother of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

Of course, Liam is one of the many actors that will be considered for the Beta Ray Bill, and we also heard last year that they were also watching it for the Fantastic Four reboot, so who knows if this Will will pan? We certainly wouldn’t think of another Hemsworth joining the party. Personally, however, I would not be happy with Luke’s yes, there is a third brother, also brought to the fold by a triple dose of Hemsworth. It will be fun to see it now, so just be ready for it.

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