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Ben Affleck Reportedly Signing A New Contract For Batman

Are the rumors saying that Ben Affleck has signed a deal with Warner Brothers true?

Well, well, well, as you all are well aware of the fact that Warner Brothers are Now going to release the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League soon has blown away the whole of DC Extended Universe wide open.

At first, all the people used to think that the vision which director Zack Snyder had for the whole franchise wad gone and is never going to come back. But as of right now, just like Superman, it is expected to come out real soon. The version that this director has initially planned for the tale could go as far as it wants to, but they’re still is a lot of stuff to talk about the actor Ben Affleck who might come back in his traditional role of Batman.

A media outlet claims that Ben Affleck has signed a deal with Warner Brothers to return to the DC franchise as Batman!

The Cultured Nerd, a media outlet, has now shared with all the people that their sources have come out with new information. They say that the actor, Ben Affleck has already undergone the process while also signing on a new contract with Warner Brothers to reprise his usual role of Bruce Wayne in the projects which are dominated by director Zack Snyder.

Ben Affleck Was on Weinstein's 'Red Flag List' – Variety

Well, this information should be noted because it has been shared by three other media outlets too. The Cultured Nerd has offered that the supposed new deal of Ben Affleck might result in anything, be it cameos or maybe a short series or perhaps even a feature film that is fully-fledged.

Here is more information about what that deal has to reveal about Ben Affleck!

If we speak about the topic, even more, the same media outlet, The Cultured Nerd had revealed that they believe the original version of Batman played by Ben Affleck, the same one which was deleted when he left the role and Matt Reeves was the one to take over, is actually under the process of planning to make right now.

In accordance to this news, it should also be known that there are a vast amount of rumors flying in the air about Joe Manganiello being brought back in the franchise as Deathstroke and all this while, Jared Leto is going to return as the Joker.

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