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Avatar 2: Set PICTURES, Sigourney Weaver Is Filming A Underwater Stunt

Avatar 2. is an upcoming science fiction film directed by James Cameron. The script for the film is written by James Cameron and Josh Freedman. The film is produced by James Cameron along with John Landau. The Avatar movie is the second installment in the franchise and everyone is eagerly awaiting it. The film’s production company includes 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment.

20th Century Fox is excited about the film’s distribution. The release of the film is far off, but we have an important and interesting update on the film for you.

Avatar 2: Some New Pictures Came Out From The Sets

The excitement for the release of the second installment of Avatar increases day by day as we are in love with the first part of the film. New updates to the movie are increasing the level of excitement. The latest update has released some new footage from the film that highlights Sigourney Weaver. The second chapter of the film is in the works and the images of the new set have been posted on Avatar’s Twitter account. They are really exciting images.

Avatar 2: Here Are The Latest Images From The Sets

Recently released photos show Sigourney Weaver working on a film set. In these photos, Weaver is seen performing a trick underwater, as the caption of the posted photo also indicates that he never runs away from the trick. Another photo posted to the microblogging site shows Weaver showing viewers a thumb at the camera. She is smiling and browsing.

His body is in a pool of bubbles and only his shoulders and face can be seen. If you haven’t seen the photos yet, you can check them out below. These images will increase your enthusiasm.

Avatar 2: What’s The Release Date For The Movie?

The photos went viral on social media shortly after they were posted. Fans were excited and some were surprised to see filming work resumed. The older cast along with some new ones will be seen in the movie. Initially, the film was scheduled to be released next year, but now the release date has been pushed back and it will be released in 2024.

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