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Avatar 2: New Set Image Displays The First Look At Sigourney Weaver

A new image from the set of Avatar 2 presents Sigourney Weaver as a human, indicating the possibility of the new movie that the first installment will return.

Returned in 2009, Avatar was a massive financial success that garnered 9 Academy Award nominations (he won 3 of them). James Cameron’s original science fiction epic centers on Jake Scully (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic marine who travels to the planet Pandora and gets very involved with Nowy with the original inhabitants of the planet, while Others want to exploit Pandora’s resources. Cameron has since planned five Avatar films in total, though they have been long overdue for years.

With Avatar 2 slated for December 17, 2024, fans had some hope since the end of Avatar’s sequel.

However, Avatar 2 could be delayed once again due to the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the closure of physiological production. Producer John Landau released a statement detailing the film’s work on visual effects, though it’s unclear how much live-action photography is needed for the film. At this time, very few have been able to resume the presentations.

To boost fans’ enthusiasm during the shutdown

Avatar’s official Twitter account shared an image (originally from Landau’s Instagram) directly “from the set of Avatar sequels.” It includes Landau, Weaver, and actor Joel David Moore in the Site 26 shake set, one of the bases used by humans in the first incarnation. The outfits were worn by Weaver and Moore further suggest that they are filming a flashback from the first movie, as they match the ones that already are.

Weaver’s involvement with the sequel to Avatar is particularly interesting to fans, mainly because his character Dr. Grace Augustine died in the first movie. Jake and the other Na’ vi try to completely bind Grace to their avatar, but the process fails. Weaver is linked to all four Avatar sequels, making anyone wonder if he will somehow return from the dead. However, this new set image suggests that the flashback will be included in Avatar 2, which may mean the Weaver part will not be present.

Given how long the first incarnation has been in theaters expectations are high for the sequel.

It is unclear how well they will perform, because, on the one hand, the performance of the first film has an impressive box office for the next. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the general public may not be interested in four new avatar movies. The box office possibilities of Avatar 2 will become apparent as its release comes to an end, though for its price, star Stephen Lang is confident it will work well. Weaver’s promise to return can help attract people back.

You can see the image below:

Source: Twitter

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