Attack On Titan: Season 4 Trailer?

Following the insane ending of season 3, fans are eagerly awaiting news of when the fourth and final instalment of the hit anime will premiere. Here Is Everything To Know About Series

Return to Titan Season 4: Date

Attack on Titan Season 4 will premiere on NHK in Japan on December 7 and Crunchyroll “later this year.” Many of us expected an attack on the season 4 premiere that premiered in October, but on August 6, Chetan Seasons removed the final season from its fall season schedule, indicating that the premiere in early 2024 is now the more it was more likely to happen. It is now revealed that the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan will premiere on December 7 in Japan and “later this year” on Crunchyroll.

Season 4 will feature an attack on the original Titan film, which will give season 1-3 a ‘Chronicle’, on November 18th. So, we may get the first part between December 2024 and January 2024, and the last part falls in 2024.

On Titan Season 4: Plot

Spoiler alert: We won’t reveal any specific spoilers for season 4 of the manga, but don’t read it until you want to know more. We also see a lot of new Titans and while we don’t expect them to have the lead roles in season 4, they could make a big impact in the final battle with Marley. However, there also are rumours that Titan’s new capacity will play a huge function in season 4.

Reaction to the actual trailer

The response of the season four trailer to Attack on Titan became wonderful and best wishes to expose how famous the collection has remained with fans.

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