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Artemis Fowl: What Went Wrong? Why It Is The Most Lowest Rated Film On Disney+

Kenneth Brannagh, the director who has us used to Shakespeare adaptations for the big screen, has taken a turn in recent years towards higher-budget projects.

He started with Thor for Marvel Studios, then has gone on to the pages of Agatha Christie to make a memorable performance of Hercules Poirot (unfortunately despite fans of Peter Ustinov and those who are unable to abstract from his personal purisms) and now transfers the pages of Eoin Colfer, creator of the saga of the thief boy who gave him fame.

But of course, this turn in the director’s career is nothing more than a change in terms of the size of the projects because Brannagh is part of that list of “authors” who always give their personal touch to everything they do.

What Went Wrong In The Movie

Whoever writes this, considers that adaptations do not have to be literal transfers from the pages to the image. Because the good thing about working with audiovisual language is precisely that it allows you a certain level of creativity to be able to give credibility to the story. Incidentally, there are books and comics that, no matter how hard we try, only have a place in the vignette or the narrative, because transforming them into an image would involve too high costs not only of money but also alterations that would distort the story.

Artemis Fowl 2

Some Characters :

The case of Artemis Fowlit is somewhat paradigmatic. The outline of the first novel (there are eight in total) is very simple. Said by the author himself in his day, “it is a kind of glass jungle with fairies”, and anyone who comes close to the book will be able to verify that it is indeed a very similar product at the structure level. And also that, for being a youthful product, the saga contains a lot of darkness and a high level of the psychological thriller. Brannagh has changed the profile of the characters.

“This is not Artemis Fowl” some will say, and it could be ensured with a certain level of justice for literary creation, but it is that one must abstract from what one has read. If this exercise is done, we will possibly be pleasantly surprised, since we will not only see that the essence of the character is present but also serves as a perfect reflection for a different language.

In short, Artemis Fowl has a good start and leaves a smile on the viewer. What more could you want?

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