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Are Lily Allen And David Harbour Engaged?

As well as Lily Allen airs huge engagement rumors to overshadow the Instagram posts of some serious bling. The Hard Out Here singer went public in August last year because of her relationship with Stranger Things actor David Harbour, and it looks like things could go a little further.

The 35-year-old woman posted a mirror selfie to show the definition on her belly, very impressive, we should say, and put on a crop top with her hand on her hip. And in that hand was a very distinctive diamond ring.

She wears a diamond ring!! Does it mean she is Engaged?

Lily appeared wearing a ring on her middle finger, and at first glance, it looked like the ornament was on her right hand due to the mirror image. However, the singer held her phone in her wrist bracelet tattoo, which is on Lily’s right hand, which means the ring is on her left hand. Lily has been wearing the ring since at least April as she wore a diamond on her ring finger in a topless selfie shared on Instagram on April 27.

Popstar was first portrayed at the age of 45 with Harbour in early August, with an evening date at the Battle of Hughie Fury against Alexander Povetkin in London. The relationship was unlikely to be confirmed.

There is no confirmation about the rumor by the David!!!

Since then, the couple has been inseparable, and Lily also joined David, known for playing Hopper in Stranger Things, on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. David is isolated with Lily and her children during the epidemic, and after celebrating a surprise birthday this week, he made a cameo on Lily’s Instagram, with flowers, cupcakes, and balloons.

If Lily is really engaged, it will be her second marriage. She married Sam Cooper in 2011 and the couple raised three children together: Ethel, eight, Marnie, seven, and George, who were depressed for six months. However, the two separated in 2016 and their divorce became final two years later. Harbor Marshall Marshall is believed to have forgotten actress Marithaire, and before that Julia Styles and Alison Sudol.


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