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Altered Carbon Season 3: Why Is S3 Getting Delayed, When Will It Release

The TV show, Altered Carbon, is directed by Laeta Kalogridis. The complete show is based on the books penned down by Richard Morgan. All the books are with the same title an are depict a period of time in which the interstellar journey is supported by transferring consciousness among sleeves.

The story of this show follows around a former U.N Elite Soldier, Takeshi Kovacs, who turned into a private detective to look into the death case of a rich man. All the books were converted into graphic novels as well.

Talking about the number of episodes, the first season was launched on the streaming channel with ten episodes and was released on Feb 2, 2018. After that, the show got renewed for a second season that was released on Feb 27, 2022. An anime movie with the same title, altered Carbon, was released in the USA in March 2022.

Plot Of Altered Carbon TV Series

Altered Carbon’s first season was a hit among the fans globally. The plot of the show is beautifully created, and the fantastic portrayal of characters through digital media is fantastic. Takeshi Kovacs, whose role is now played by Anthony Mackie, was all determined to solve a murder crime of a rich man. Apart from that, he also had to find his lost girlfriend, whom he lost years before, and he has to survive a war as well.

Altered Carbon' Season 3
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Renewal Status Of Altered Carbon Season 3

It is a new question to ask because nothing official has been announced whether the show is renewed for the third season or not. Nevertheless, we can expect the makers to soon come up with the third part of the show considering the incomplete story of the second season.

Release Date Of Altered Carbon Season 3

Again, the renewal status of the third season is not clear; the release date is very far now. Ap per the reports, the production and other work related to the third season have been delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to lockdown, the makers are forced to terminate all the production process temporarily.

Keeping in mind the previous pattern of the show, we can expect the makers to release the third season of this show somewhere in March 2022.

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