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Alita The Battle Angel 2: Sequel Plans Revealed! Here’s Everything The Fans Should Know

Alita: Battle Angel is James Cameron’s long-standing brainchild, who has developed the project since 2000, based on the Japanese manga Gunnm. The version we finally received comes from Cameron’s close friend Robert Rodriguez, starring Rosa Salasar, who, thanks to mo-cap technology, became an anime-eyed fighter-the title character. The tale is incredibly classic, as Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz) saved Alita after finding herself in a bunch of junk and slowly realizing her role in the global catastrophe’ The Fall,’ while taking on the people and places of the modern world.

Alita has a massive following of loyal fans who call themselves the Alita Army and who have been consistent and outspoken. There is a file for an Alita series on of more than 140,380 signatures from now on. The fans have raised funds for the Oscars campaign.

Renewal Status:

While the sequel to Alita: Battle Angel is planned, it wasn’t green-lit yet. If another film happens depends on the fact that the first film is hit in the air in the box office.

Expected Release Date:

Alita 2 was green-lit today, but before the movie came out, it would still be very long. Alita: Battle Angel took 20 years and, even after the ball rode with Robert Rodriguez, it took two and a half years for rolling cameras to be added.

Most of this is due to delays in preproduction and technical development, both of which would be significantly reduced to a sequel because even then, a film would take two to three years. It means an Alita: the sequel to the Battle Angel will be released early in 2024.

The good news for fans is that Rosa Salazar and the top producers have all said that they want to collaborate on a sequel if they are given a chance. Johnson is the newest to join the Alita Force ambitions.

Expected Plot Details:

Since a sequel is not yet confirmed, no information is available on the direction the plot will go. But given the end of’ Alita’ and the rest of its source material, it is not difficult to guess. The film finishes with Alita vowing revenge (after Hugo dies) as she points to Zalem. This means that Alita travels to Zalem, and her fight with Nova will be a very significant sequel.

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