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Alexa And Katie: Is There A Possibility For Season 5?

High school dramas is one such genre that fascinates the viewers of all ages. Because we all have gone or will go through the same phase wherein a lot of things happen, a lot of changes and emotions takes place.

And Netflix tops the list of providing and curating some excellent high school web dramas for sure. And to this list, we have one of Netflix originals Alexa And Katie, who is a must-watch web drama if you haven’t watched it yet.

Plot Of Alexa And Katie TV Show

The show is set up in a high school wherein two girls Alexa and Katie join together to begin an all-new phase of their lives and enjoy. However, things take a sad shift after Alexa discovers that she is suffering from cancer.

This makes it even more difficult for Alexa to begin her high school journey by attending her treatment sessions also. But the beautiful tale of friendship shows how Katie stands with her in all her tough times and their bond is inseparable.

Alexa and Katie
Source: Netflix

Renewal Status Of Alexa And Katie Season 5

The show has four seasons in its kitty and fans are waiting on an update on a fifth season. Well, here comes the sad part as Netflix cancelled the show for further more seasons. Being a high school drama, the makers already stretched the show till four instalments, and we have seen both the girls graduating happily with no cliffhangers or anything else to be shown.

With whatever intention and plot in mind the show was curated, everything has been witnessed and now is the time to bid adieu to one of the best plays by the online streaming giant. Yes, this definitely would not go along well with the fans who were so attached with the series but all good things come to an end and so is this.

However, all we can is hope that maybe the makers come up with some idea to bring back the show. Till then keep watching the earlier seasons and enjoy binge-watching them.

Cast Of Alexa And Katie

The show stars;

  • Paris Berelc as Alexa,
  • Isabel May as Katie,
  • Jolie Jenkins as Jennifer,
  • Emery Kelly as Lucas,
  • Eddie Shin as Dave and others as well.

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