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American Ninja Warrior Season 12 On NBC

Throughout 2006, the American cable channel G4 started broadcasting subtitled or dubbed ‘Sasuke.’ It was called ‘Ninja Warrior’ on the website. The channel then introduced the American Ninja Challenge in US history. This allowed Americans to fly to Japan and take part in ‘Sasuke.’ These transmissions gradually became a success and began to develop a cult in the region. The producers then wanted to make their American version, entitled ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ which was premiered in 2009.

After qualifying, finalists may take part in ‘Sasuke.’ After the fourth season, however, the final winners had the option of competing in the Las Vegas Strip instead of going abroad. NBC took over the broadcasting rights from the fifth installment onwards and has been the only broadcaster since 2013 since the city’s finals and regional finals in 2012.

Renewal Status:

With the ninth season on the Network, NBC has renewed the high-energy reality series ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and confirmed it would come back in Summer 2024, with the exact date later revealed.

Release Date:

The first episodes of the 12th season are scheduled to begin at the end of May 2024, with episodes going on all summer long.

Hosts & Contestants:

In its seasons, ANW has featured a host and co-host who will play each contestant during the race. They are followed by a side-by-side reporter who introduces participants to the challenges and interviews.

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila hosted season 11. Gbaja-Biamila is a former NFL soccer player, sports analyst, and writer, while Iseman is a comedian, actor, and television host. Zuri Hall is a sideline reporter credited. She is an entertainment writer, Television personality and actress, best featured in MTV’s hit reality event ‘The Challenge’ for hosting after-hours and gatherings.

The series is set to be hosted by Iseman and Gbaja-Biamila in season 12. We will, of course, see a bunch of new and exciting contestants beside them.

What Is American Ninja Warrior About?

The series is usually filmed in many locations. In Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, Seattle / Tacoma, and Cincinnati, for example, season 11 has been fired. For the first time in the last season, the series was filmed inside the famous Tacoma Dome in Washington. The finals were held in Las Vegas, like its predecessors.

The format remains mostly the same, with competitors in various obstacle courses in these cities to qualify for the national finals. In the last round of the contest, finalists participate in a four-phase race with several obstacles at each point. The winner in all the stages is called ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ who brings a total of 1 million dollars home.

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