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ACL Fest 2019: Bones UK speaks truth into the U.S.A.

Bones UK arrived in the BMI point Saturday afternoon with two noisy guitars and tales to tell.

Singer Rosie Bones clarified their roots in London’s Camden area,”where aliens visit drink whiskey” — and also the time a man reportedly told London and lead guitarist Carmen Vandenberg that women are”biologically poor” when it comes to playing guitar. The anecdote led-in into the bluesy, specialized crowd-stirrer,”Girls Can Not Play Guitar.”

The three-piece ring is rounded out by drummer Heavy and tackles issues of identity and gender with jarring and frequently literal wordplay. Bones does not mince words — there is no time for metaphors if you are pushing against tyranny. Sonically, the message’s moderate comes via recognizable hard stone stripped down to its timeless settings.

However, it’s also enjoyable.

“Austin, you are going to have boned,” Bones said before”Filthy Freaks,” a hot tune too about”glamorous geeks.”

Rosie’s onstage preamble into”Amazing Is Boring” was clear and blunt:”Basically guy, it is like (there is ) no way for us to become amazing within this society without being flawless. … We rather like to believe it is people’s imperfections which make them lovely.”

There was a gnarly and churning David Bowie cover of the industrial Trent Reznor collab in the’90s,”I’m Afraid Of Americans.” It arrived with a friendly Dollar out of Bones:”You men all look very nice and not so frightening.” The 2019 variation was agoraphobic, frenetic and filthy as hell.

The group’s self-titled introduction landed in July and ACL Fest established a testing area for its maiden voyage of its own deeper cuts. Full steam ahead.

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