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5 Surprisingly Good Movies You Missed To Watch On Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly the leading as well as the most extensive online streaming platform that has probably the maximum number of viewers from all over the world. And why not, the quality content it is curating which comes not only from its origin country but also from other countries in their regional languages is binding everybody together, making available your favorite web shows and films at one spot to binge-watch.

And this ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has surely done one good thing for all of the web enthusiasts since we got like more than ample time to binge-watch the most awaited watchlist that we prepared since so long to watch by relaxing at our sweet homes.

5 Amazing Movies Available On Netflix

We are sure that your watchlist must be good enough, but we are even more sure that there are many things that are still left to come to our notice and the below mentioned five movies would come as a surprise for you which you might not have watched yet, and you are gonna regret it as soon as you read them out. So what are you waiting for, and let’s get started?

1. 20th Century Women-

This is a women-centric film that revolves around a woman who raises a man despite many difficulties.

2. Blue Ruin-

This is a violent and aggressive film but keeps you glued throughout wherein a man takes the journey to take revenge from the man who killed his father.

Blue Ruin
Source: YouTube

3. Undefeated-

It is a documentary that won an Oscar but did not get much attention but is definitely a much watch, and you would feel as if we’re a part of it.

4. Mud-

It is a movie taking you on an emotional spree. You will not leave you sitting place and will get spell bounded by the actor’s fine acting.

5. Virunga-

Another documentary that takes us into the Virunga National Park to show how the protectors battle with the hunters and poachers.

So what are you now waiting for if you haven’t watched it yet, so begin now.

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