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365 Days Or 365 DNI 2: Crucial Details Regarding Sequel Including Expected Plot

Netflix got flooded with its statistics after the launch of 365 DNI on the platform. However, the flick regarded as the polish adaptation of famous Fifty Shades of Grey, but in our opinion, both have different concepts. Judging the flick on the basis of its plotline is not our concern currently, as we are totally focused on what will happen next in the franchise. A sequel is imminent, but still, the details are missing, don’t worry we got your back and filling up your screen with sequel details.


However, there is still no official confirmation for the sequel of 365 DNI, but as it already speculated that a sequel is in the works. So there will be an official confirmation soon as the filming will about to begin, and thus, we will get the necessary details of the flick’s sequel.

Expected Release Date

However, when there is no such information about a proper renewal, so it difficult to predict the release date of the sequel. If we have to take a wild guess, then it will arrive next fall for sure and could face a delay of two-three months. So the expected release date will be August 2024. We are not very sure about the versions of the film, but now when Netflix has the strings, then the flick will release in respective languages on the same date.

365DNI 2
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  • Michele Morrone as Massimo

  • Anna Maria Sieklucka as Laura

  • Bronislaw Wroclawski as Mario

  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico,

  • Magdalena Lamparska as  Olga Natasza

  • Urbańska as Anna

Expected Plot

Unlike Fifty Shades of Grey, the plot of 365 DNI is going in a different direction, and it is pretty obvious that a change is required. So what’ s the deal with the prediction of the plot for the sequel. A conclusion from initial release doesn’t indicate much then only fan theories could resolve this increasing ambiguity.

Wedding Or Funeral

The first thing we have to look upon as the story and love life progressing of the duo who fell in love in unexpected circumstances. In the end, it is speculated that Laura has died in the end, and assassination is suspected. But we all know that there will be a wedding, not a funeral, so Laura may be still alive and urgently required emergency services.

Future Of Laura

However, If she’s still alive then surely she got injured in a bad way and rushed to the hospital. Now the twists which we already have seen many times that someone lost his/her memory and forget the life he/she living in the past. The same thing could happen with Laura and he forgets about everything that happened in a few months, ultimately she forgets about Massimo and her love life. So now things get complicated for him as he already has so many things on his plate.

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