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365 Days: Are Michelle Morrone And Anna Maria Sieklucka Dating?

365 DNI suddenly gained a lot of spotlights and the flick which regarded as the inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey worked very well on streaming giant Netflix. However, the flick deals with such events that are common for a rich businessman to first find pleasure and then fall in love after having feelings for her. But 365 DNI has a different concept it looks like Massimo was already in love with Laura as he had numerous paintings in his house. When he finally manger to find her, he abducted her and amidst their disputes, they fall for each other.

Michelle Morrone And Anna Maria Sieklucka Dating?

But now the question is that Michelle Morrone And Anna Maria Sieklucka are really Dating each other? However, it is usual that celebrities fall in love with each other on sets and take their love to the next level. Some got married and some at least stay in a relationship for two or three years.

Now we clear the air about the on-screen pair is dating or not. The answer is big noo and they have their respective relationship status.

Michelle Morrone

However, Michelle Morrone is single and cleared the confusion with the fact that he is riding solo. He got married to Rouba Saadeh an Italian Fashion Designer, tied the knot in 2014, and separated in 2018. The couple has two sons named Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone.

Anna Maria Sieklucka

However, Anna is getting along with someone and she confirmed it with her social handle Instagram.

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Jedno. Prywatne. I więcej nie będzie. Peace and love ❤

A post shared by @ anna_maria.sieklucka on

She posted a pic with a man who is not confirmed to be his boyfriend. But the caption clearly states that One Private and there will be no more. Peace and Love.”

However, the post is definitely indicated that she is dating someone and there was no tag so we don’t know this person either in the picture.

So now it is clear that Michelle Morrone And Anna Maria Sieklucka are not dating for sure. However, Michelle joked it about sometimes and ruled out it later.

Now fans are desperate to watch pair again as the sequel of the flick is getting more speculations after the flick ended with a cliffhanger.

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