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13 Reasons Why: Perfect Example Of Expansion Could Ruin The Series

13 Reasons Why finally ended and fans are not getting over it. Some fans are bashing the final series, and some are appreciating some positives of the finale. But what went wrong for the series after the first season?

We have all the answers to this question as it signifies the forceful Expansion of the drama. It is a term used for expanding a series too far away from its limits and 13 Reasons why it is the perfect example of it.

Why Could Expanding Series Be Lethal?

Poor Writing

if we are stating the instances, then we are bashing the other series too. But it’s easy to say if the screenwriters can’t get any credible plot of the situation. Then you should stop right there and don’t make decisions in a hurry. Thirteen reasons why is a clear example of a poor script, which immensely shows that there is no need for such seasons as it confusing the audience.

13 Reason Why
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Character Development

The one thing which got seriously effected is the character development in the show. There is always a sudden transition among the characters, and even the audience can’t decide the true nature of the character. Taking the instance of Clay, who used to be silent and non-violent, suddenly changes into a beast and, in the final season limits been crossed with such psychedelic elements in the show.

Proper Ending

Such Expansion leads to a weak ending, if that’ not for the speech and everybody happily moved after then the show is still considered as Disaster. 13 Reasons Why set an example of Expansion without any motive. They used it as a brand and assumed that it would be excellent for the audience, but what they did is exactly the opposite of it. There was no need to kill the character who wishes to be a better person, however its an emotional entity, but still, it won’t be good for the audience surely. The show comprises of every incident that could happen in high school but tarnishing it in the final season is not justified.

So 13 Reasons Why could meet the same fate as Game of thrones which broke millions of hearts and there is no petition because fans exactly saw it coming.

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