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10-Year-Old Calls 911 From Bathroom While Relatives Were Beaten To Death On The Other Side Of Door

A young child called police after his relatives were beaten to death

Two men were beaten to death and one woman was seriously injured last Thursday in an attack on a house in the Windermere gated community, and a 10-year-old boy called the authorities while hiding in a bathroom, police said.

Windermere police said Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins opened the doors of the community in his car and then tried to steal the car from home when he was confronted by homeowners John and Lisa Savey.

James was killed on the spot and Lisa was severely injured

Police said Hopkins attacked Savi and beat him to death with a baseball bat outside the home. Hopkins then entered the house where, according to police, he beat Lisa Savey and his son James Savey, who was killed. Lisa Savey was admitted to the hospital were multiple severe injuries.

According to police, the boy called the officers to inform about burglary while he was hiding in the bathroom.

Charges against Hopkins

Officers found Hopkins in another bathroom in the house and arrested him. Police said Hopkins was taken to Orlando Central Health Hospital because he appears to have been drinking bleach and was not responding.

Hopkins faces two murder charges and one aggravated charge

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