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Zendaya: Is She Dating Jacob Elordi? Here’s What A Fan Should Know

Since Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are among Hollywood’s greatest actors, if they started dating, it would be a dream come true. Well, guys, get ready because this might be the case. Well, it’s rumored that two stars are boyfriend and girlfriend across the internet, and we decided to sever their relationship once and for all.

Everything began in August when the actress Shake It Up and the star of Netflix pictured together on holiday in Greece. In the recent months, they were seen on several dates — they were both found in Australia celebrating Thanksgiving! Hey, things sure seem to heat up between them.

As fans know, Jacob’s kissing booth costar, Joey King, had previously been dated. Everybody in Zendaya shipped the old Disney star with their Spider-Man for quite some time now: home-coming costar Tom Holland, but they always maintained that they are friends.

Here’s everything about the romance of the Euphoria stars

August 2019

The pair were captured together on holiday in Greece after being noticed in the background of a tourist shot of Instagram.

When asked about the possible vacation, she insisted that it was a “family” holiday.

October 2019

The actors wanted a super romantic date night, and they went to see a film together, according to reports, and had a severe PDA!

January 2024

At the American Australian Arts Association Awards in New York, Zendaya presented Jacob with an award and named him her “best friend,” which encouraged rumors!

February 2024

Jacob was seen on his head kissing the 23-year-old, and we all know head kisses = romance!

Zendaya tops on Twitter after fans shared adorable pictures of the couple in NYC.

Only a couple of days later, they came to the theater with a source telling People Magazine: “They certainly exchanged whispers and looks.”

March 2024

The pair were back with more goals as they played matching outfits – blue denim jeans, navy blue jeans, dark tops, and camera side bags.

Going together on a flea market, Zendaya took snaps from her rumored husband and even had her mother join the trip – it looks serious!

Are They Dating?

Both of the stars never publicly commented about their relationship status. Though they were spotted in many places together, which fueled their dating rumors, they haven’t said anything yet, which is why fans are getting curious about them.

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