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Witness The Mystic View Of Space Lightning From ISS

From the video that has been released above the Earth, it is evident that there is likely a lightening or flash storm cloud which strikes the ground.

Further, the researchers claim that the bolt is just a part of the overall phenomenon of lightning while the most powerful will occur above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Above the Earth, there appears a burst of gamma rays that are the most high-energy naturally produced phenomena on the planet.

Source: NASA

The researchers measured these rays using instruments and devices available in ISS. They call these mechanisms called lightning.

The instruments at ISS are the part of ASIM – which is the Earth’s observation facility that is located outside the space station which assists in observing several thunderstorms and its impact and role in Earth’s atmosphere and climate.

The instrument further recorded the other types of upper atmospheric lightning called a transient luminous event (TLEs) in addition to TGFs. The instruments speed helps the researchers to trace the sequences of the events that produce TGFs.

The author explained that they could see the happenings in the atmosphere and clouds bubble like a pot of stew on the stove.

This ultimately leads to the formation of humidity, dust and other particles into the upper atmosphere where they affect Earth’s radiation balance.

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