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Wisconsin Man Charged For Physically Abusing Child For Years And Paying Someone To Kill Her

A brief description:

Police say a Wisconsin man charged with physical assault earlier this month is charged with additional charges after attempting to murder the victim and her mother.

Sources report that Lena Piontek is on trial for first-degree murder on Tuesday. Although the suspect’s attorney called the new accusations “insincere insincerity,” one of Green Bay’s Brown County jail said that Piontek offered him money for the murder.

The suspect tried to bribe his cellmates:

According to court documents, Piontek reportedly offered his cellmate $ 20,000 for the murder of two witnesses in a case of his physical violence.

The Green Bay press service reports that the Piontek cellist provided evidence by delivering a piece of paper on which the Piontek card was reportedly drawn. The newspaper had a “detailed layout” of the victims’ houses.

Although the card was dropped into the toilet, a colleague took it and handed it to the investigators, who described this image as “amazingly accurate” compared to the victims ’house.

Piontek gave the necessary information to his cellmate for killing witnesses

Investigators said that Piontek provided the cellmate with additional information that none of the unknown victims would have known, for example, details about the car and the workplace.

According to a cellmate, he barely knew Piontek and was a cellmate for only seven days. The cellmate believes that Piontek spurred him on because of his low band because he thought he would be released from prison soon and could fulfill the plan.

Charges against Piontek:

In addition to the latest allegations, Piontek has been charged with first-level physical assault on a child under 12 and repeated molestation acts by a child. He stays behind bars for $ 150,000 ties, all for all costs.

According to police, Piontek is accused of repeatedly physically abusing the same child for several years.

It is not clear how the suspect recognized the victims.

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