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Why Playstation 5 Could End Game Streaming Service’s Run?

Playstation 5 could be a game-changer, and it will put many businesses to an end, and yes, we are talking about game streaming services. Likes of Google Stadia, Geforce Now, and many more could be imminent danger after its arrival.

PlayStation 5 already asserted some facts that it wouldn’t comprise with quality, and these game streaming services were already taken as future of gaming. But after their launch and user experience, we can conclude some facts that these services will be a thing of the past after the Playstation 5 launch.


We already witnessed the userbase of consoles; it is much more than gaming streaming services in number. So within the respect of sales, we already assumed that PS5 would be a game-changer, and it is expected that there will be a hike in the unit sales when it launches.


Playstation 5 will be hard to beat as its specs are next level as the console will offer 8k gaming, which is twice than gaming streaming services. Game streaming services offer 4k within the favorable conditions of the internet. The hardware of PS5 is strong enough, which is cable of smooth gaming experience, and these game streaming services are totally dependent on the internet connection, which is not stable every time.

Source: Pocket-lint

The Radeon’s Navi line with Ray Tracing Support tends to be the GPU unit, and it will offer a major boost to the console. On the other hand, PS5 will be totally SSD based, which tends to lower the loading time, and objects will render as quickly as possible.

So internet connection in the home can’t remain stable due to several users connected in a house. We already witnessed laggy experience if something goes wrong with the internet.


However, Game streaming services offer games within their subscriptions, but now there is a catch that developers could sell the game over the media. So simply, you have to pay for a subscription as well as for the game, which is quite awkward for any gamer.

Playstation Network costs around $60 per annum, whereas a premium quality game streaming subscription costs $30 with some games, and they could be paid if applied.

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