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‘White Silence Is Violence’ Says Game Of Thrones Star Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner also takes part in the anti-racism protests in the USA, the “Game of Thrones” star is currently very pregnant.

Black Lives Matter:

The often peaceful but sometimes escalating anti-racism protests in the United States after the death of African American George Floyd continue. In the past few days, numerous celebrities have spoken out in favor of the protests and have also taken to the streets themselves.

Pregnant Sophie Turner shows off growing baby bump on shopping ...
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Among other things, they want to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement and point to widespread racism in society. British actress Sophie Turner (24), best known as Sansa Stark from the fantasy epic “Game of Thrones”, and her husband Joe Jonas (30) have also joined the protests – even though Turner is probably very pregnant.

Shared A Post On Instagram

Turner was involved in a protest on his Instagram account where he shared two photos and videos. The first of these photos appeared on the ground in protest, with some of their hands behind them. It is a manifestation of solidarity with victims of racial violence in African America.

In the second photo, Turner has the aforementioned mark. In the next video “No justice, no peace!” He can hear them playing with people. One of the sergeants responded and was charged with the murder of officers of George Floyd. Justice is done when we all believe we are equal.

Of course, the Games Of Thrones star is not the only celebrity against him. Several other actors have also appeared on the road in recent weeks. John Cusack, for example, was injured by police in a Chicago incident when Kendrick Samson of Flash was killed. Other famous Americans, such as Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, and Jimmy Kimmel, have come out in favor of the movement. Not in person, on social media, and digitally.

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