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White Lines: What Netflix Has Planned For Season 2 Of Crime Drama Series?

However, after recent comments from co-star Angela Griffin, talks about a second season have stalled with suspicion, suggesting that the series may be canceling.

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Expected Released on Netflix Platform?

Netflix has yet to confirm whether White Lines will return for a second season, but one of the show’s main actors is not optimistic about the possibility. The Sun reports that, during an online question and answer session for the West End Theater Royal Haymarket, he said: “Will White Line get the second season? I don’t think so. My intuition is that it was left in a place where it is well connected.” It has a good point, as the White Lines gave conclusive answers to its central murder mystery in its first season, so there is no strict need for follow-up.

White Lines Season 2 Cast

If White Lines were to return for a second season, expect Laura Haddock to regain her role as Zoe Walker. The former librarian was left struggling with her identity at the end of the first season, after a wild adventure around Ibiza in which she saw her do things she didn’t know she was capable of.

But it came at a cost: Her marriage to Mike (Barry Ward) was devastated by her dangerous new lifestyle. We would also love to see the Calafat family as siblings Kiki (Marta Milne) and Orol (Juan Diego Botto) prepare to partner with the family business. Meanwhile, parents Andreu (Pedro Casablanca) and Conchita (Belon López) feel that their marriage is beginning to recover, after years of resentment that almost sees them parting ways forever.

What can happen in season 2 of the white lines?

The White Lines unleash their great murder mystery in one season, leaving Ana and Marcus behind in the death of Axel Collins. So if White Lines were to return for a second season, it would probably have to go in a whole new direction with its story. An alternative would be to focus solely on the present and keep following Zoe as she demands to know what she wants from her life. There will surely be more stories to tell with the Calafates, who faces internal unrest, as well as an ongoing war with the rival Martinez family for control of the island’s clubs and drug trafficking.

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