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Deadpool Game: Nolan North Wants Ryan Reynolds To Feature For A Cameo

If Marvel ever decides to greenlight the sequel to the 2013 cult classic Deadpool video game, Ryan Reynolds may appear in the project in a cameo. Given that the character loves breaking the fourth wall and seeing Wade Wilson played by Reynolds in purposeless and pushy Deadpool movies, that would be perfect.

Ryan Reynolds was set to become Merk, as he fit into Deadpool in the official comic. 15 years ago, Antihero described his haunting appearance as a cross between Ryan Reynolds and Shar-Pei, a breed of dog famous for their strangely twisted fur.

But what are the chances that Marvel will approve such a project?

Well, it’s not for us to say for sure, but given the success of Insomniac’s PS4-exclusive Spider-Man and Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel Avengers, there’s no shortage of ways superhero games can work.

Yes, Stan Lee Did Have a Very Brief Cameo in 'Deadpool 2'
Source: The Wrap

Hopefully North can surpass Marvel when defending the Deadpool sequel:

Unfortunately, this can be a difficult proposition for North to make, as the Deadpool producers feel that another film is unlikely to be made, even though the first two films were incredibly well-received. Rob Leifeld is now a bit concerned about Marvel’s current plans for Deadpool that Disney has acquired the rights, so the potential sequel would be incredibly far off. Hopefully, Nolan North will have more success in his campaign for the 2013 Deadpool sequel.

GameSpot’s Deadpool review cut the game down to 5.5 / 10. “Deadpool tries to hide many of his flaws behind the protagonist’s defiant personality, but it doesn’t take long for big issues to the surface,” said critic Tom McSieh.

Meanwhile, the Deadpool movie series appears to be the post-acquisition of Disney assets. The last we hear is that Deadpool 3 is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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