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White Collar Reboot Series In The Works By The Creators

White-Collar Reboot Series

It has been just over a decade since that the White Collar premiered on television and yet fans are still very open to a reboot. And, as it turns out, supporters are not the only ones interested in the USA or perhaps a different network picking up the series for another run.

It is not that the White Collar series finale was anything other than cool and satisfying recognizing what Neal Caffrey was able to do to start a new life elsewhere was pretty magnificent. It’s just that the thirst is still there to get Neal around Peter and some of the main characters again for another series of adventures.

White-Collar also designated in New York

According to the sources, the artist Matt Bomer himself has expressed interest in the idea of doing more of the show, and he is recently coming back to the USA to work on the third season of The Sinner. Whether it be the USA or another provider, there have to be involved parties. The series White-Collar also recorded in New York during its run and that provides with it a heavy price tag of its own.

The network would know already that there is an audience out there for it already. We’d be down for something more like a full-fledged season, but those are often more difficult to harmonize so many years after the fact with the cast and organization all working on different things.

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