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When Is The Office Reunion Happening, Any Plans!

Well, The Office reunion has been one of the most anticipated things ever, all the fans have been dying to hear new information about the reunion, the show made us laugh for nine long seasons, and we want more.

However, it is possible that some of the cast members may not want to come back for a reunion after working for the show for so long, here we will tell you what all the members of the cast think about a possible reunion!


Steve Carell: When Steve was asked if she would be willing to do an Office reboot, he bluntly replied, No, he wouldn’t be enticed to do it again in his theory even though we get the same directors, actors and producers it wouldn’t still be the same.

John Krasinski: Well, John or we should say Jim would be willing to come back once again to relive his favorite character, John said that The Office will always hold a special place for him as it was the stepping stone for his career.

Jenna Fischer: Looks like Jenna has some different plans for The Office reunion. Jenna said that she wouldn’t be up for a reunion, but she would be back for a reunion special, and she would like to see the entire cast getting back together once again.

Rainn Wilson: We can never forget Rainn and his character when asked about the reunion. Rainn said that he hadn’t been called about it; he isn’t even sure it is going to happy, but if it would, then he is up for a reunion.

Ellie Kemper: Well, Ellie is all up for a reunion she also has plans for a Chrismas special reunion, and she is very excited to get the gang back one more time.

Mindy Kaling: Mindy loves the show, but she is also practical and is unsure if a reunion will be possible as all the actors are busy with their prior commitments.

Well, nothing has been set in stone as of yet, but if we are getting a The Office reunion, we will keep you updated on the latest information about it!

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