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What Happened To Sony-Microsoft Library Merger For Next-Gen Consoles?

When something arrives that endangers your existence; then for your survival, you have to compromise with your enemies. That’s what Sony and Microsoft did after the announcement of Google Stadia, which begins the era of Game streaming services.

Sony and Microsoft made some agreements regarding their libraries as they want it to be cloud-based. Microsoft One Drive will help Sony in terms of providing them online space to store their games, and hence the library could be shared by both Xbox and Playstation users.

This move was quite absurd as it eventually killed the completion as they both meant to take their competition to the next level with their hardware and exclusives. So what’s exactly happened with the Collaboration and what could happen if the terms came to an end.


The deal was pretty simple for both parties to survive through the rough times ahead. They did the right thing after the announcement as Google stadia was a major threat to the consoles. They made the deal for the next-gen consoles, and now it looks like there is nothing much to this Collaboration.

Source: The Verge

What Happened to Deal?

If we are taking current scenarios of consideration, there is still a competition between both the giants. Both Sony and Microsoft are claiming that their console will be better than the respective competition. After the reveal of Playstation 5, it’s clear that bright times ahead for Sony’s masterpiece as the console will offer 8K gaming.

After observing the impact of Game streaming services, its evident that these services didn’t live up to the expectations of the users. So does it close the deal between Sony and Microsoft? We thought so as there could be some clauses that settle the outcome of game streaming services, and then the decision will be made according to the choices of both the giants.

So the picture is clear, and we are not processing our thoughts about the merger. The merger could be effective when both parties totally depend upon cloud gaming as digital versions also announced by Sony to retain the crown of the best console.

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