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We Almost Had A ‘Friends Reunion’ At Emmys

After pushing the date back several times due to a coronavirus Pandemic (they are expected to film with a live studio audience), the original special still does not have an official air date. Fortunately, in the meantime, we found something to attack us.

A Friend Reunion On Emmys Event

The friends had a brief reunion on tonight’s Emmys telecast, reuniting half the original team with host Jimmy Kimmel. At first, it seemed like we were going to see Jennifer Aniston again the night after her first appearance.  And as anyone with roommates knows, it’s hard to find some privacy sometimes, which brings us to the third guest of the bit, Lisa Bidrow. “Is this live TV?” Kudrow said, wandering off and taking a seat next to Aniston. “Do you live there too?” Kimmel asked.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow have Friends reunion - Radio Times

Image Source: Radio Times

We found Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel, but where were the rest of the gang members? We don’t have an answer for this, but we do know that Jason Bateman received the memo and it was removed by Impraptu Reunion. “Yeah, until he goes to college,” Aniston said, and then told the host that dinner was ready and he needed to take a dip, bringing friends with him. The HBO bit comes nearly a month after the long-awaited HBO Max reunion was delayed, fueling the unreleased special due to production concerns during the pandemic.

Re-Schedule Production Of Friend Reunion

HBO originally planned to make the film in March, but had to change plans after production was halted when the virus began to spread. At the time, HBO’s Bob Greenblatt said they expected the movie by the end of the summer. We think it is a value to have a large, raucous live audience to experience these six great friends getting back together and we didn’t want you to suddenly do it on a web call, you know, six. People associated with the class and the shooting, their kitchens and bedrooms, ”he explained.

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