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Lucifer Season 5: Why God Appearance Is Imminent In Next Season

Lucifer is finally ending with Season 5, and fans are too happy about it. Netflix itself confirmed the potential season 5 after many issues. Some of the issues are cast-related too, but now everything’s in motion for the next Season.

Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5 Renewal declaration displayed through the social handles where the lead Tom Ellis brighten up after the news.

God Appearance

Now the main focus of the show is the much-awaited appearance of the god in the next season. However, every character in the show came down to earth to meet the fallen angel, including his dear dad God but not in real form. So now we are expecting the real form of God, and it could be much possible than ever.

Who is Playing The Role of God?

Dennis Haysbert is reportedly confirmed as God in the next season of the Lucifer. A tweet from Maze Fame Lesley Ann Brandt confirmed his appointment as God.

Lucifer Return To Hell

However, the last episode of Season 4 showcased the Lucifer’s return to Hell as he became the conqueror again. So now there could be more chances of rebellion once again as his temper arises and he seeks revenge.

So gear up for the final season as there will be more battles, but few cases solving on the cards as the show reportedly has few no of episodes.

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