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Washington Teens Found A Suitcase Filled With Human Remains

Washington based teens discovered a bag full of human remains:

The search engine took several teenagers from Washington to Seattle watersheds on Friday, where they identified a large black plastic bag that smelled yucky and horrible.

The smell, which they later learned was coming from a decayed substance in the bag told Seattle police.

The app Randonautica was used to reach the location:

The teen children used a program called Randonautica, which creates unknown coordinates for the location in general where the app is used. They captured their thrilling activities on Tik Tok.

“The moment she opened the bag, the smell was depressing,” TikTok user @ughhenry penned down in the post. The boy said they were unaware of the thing present in the bag that smells so bad, so they decided to inform the officers.

After the initial search began, investigators discovered “a bag full of human remains” and quickly started the investigation.

It is still unclear how the bag reached there and who is behind all this:

Authorities discovered a bag in the water. On Saturday they said it was not identified how the bags reached where they were placed – where they had been moved and washed, or washed on the shore, or hung on wheels and washed on the shore. The investigation is still ongoing.

This is a developing story. We will keep updating you with the latest news. Stay tuned with the Nation Editions!

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