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WandaVision: Will The Show Create A New Captain Marvel? What We Know About Monica Rambeau Appearance

The WandaVision trailer reveals that Monica Rambue, who grew up as Tyona Parris, teased a twist, saying that Scarlet Witch became a new Captain Marvel.

The Wandavision trailer could be teased that the witch Scarlett creates a new Captain Marvel by giving her powers to Monica Ramble. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will primarily enhance the roles of many of the previous supporting characters, thanks to Disney +. Since almost 30 years have exceeded withinside the MCU, Monica will go back as a grownup in VandeVision, performed with the aid of using Tyona Parris. Ever since it was announced that Monica would be returning for Vandevision, fans have been busy explaining what her role will be. Photos from the set discovered that Monica works for SWORD, Nick Fury’s space-centred alternative for SHIELD, however otherwise, her function has but to be defined.

WandaVision trailer comes from Monica’s Powers Scarlet Witch

The first official look at the grown-up Monica Rambue on WandVision doesn’t come until the end of the trailer. The images show Monica flying backwards, but not with her own power. It is sent through things that appear to be a barrier or a portal between the cosmos/realities. Wanda is already believed to create the new reality that he and Vision live in, so it stands to reason that he may create a barrier between her and the real world. Since Monica is not flying backwards on her own, there is a possibility that Wanda is the one responsible for her sudden departure.

WandaVision Theory: Scarlet Witch Creates A New Captain Marvel

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How WandaVision can decide Monica’s role in Captain Marvel 2

Following her appearance on WandaVision, Monica Rambue is expected to return in Captain Marvel 2. The author of the sequel, Jack Scheffer, is the lead author of Vandavision, and Tyona Parris has previously worked with director Nana DeCosta as well. However, references can be added to her role on the Disney + show and her return from the brief images she saw.

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