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Venture Bros Season 8: HBO Max Release

2020 could be the worst year for all mankind as people lost their loved ones, the economy crashing, industries getting crippled and moreover the filming projects are facing the rage of the deadly virus. Many existing projects were already delayed for suitable release and some projects are currently on hold. But the main concern is some shows getting scrapped by their respective streaming platforms because of some of their suitable reasons.

Recently, Venture Bro’s journey finally coming to an end as the show been canceled after its seventh season.


James Urbaniak confirmed the news through its social handle and affirmed the speculation right away. However, fans are fuming after such harsh treatment of the show and they have their respective response on the post.

Chances Of Revival

The tale’s end for Adult Swim but still there is hope for the revival of the show as the decision could be reverted in a tremendous way. HBO Max could be the resurrector of the show and bring back the show to life. Many Adult Swim productions are already on the platform as Likes of The Boondocks and Rick and Morty.

So it wouldn’t be strange if the project is seriously considered and HBO Max clinched the opportunity to bring the eight season to the audience. But currently, the future of Venture Bros is hanging like a Chandelier and we could soon have a confirmation regarding its future.

Is Revival Possible?

Indeed the show could be back on its terms as we already witnessed the revival of shows after another platform acquiring the broadcasting rights. So HBO Max just has to show their instincts to be in pole position to acquire the series for its eighth season. it will directly boost up the section with other Adult Swim titles.

Expected Release

It totally depends upon the decision of HBO Max of taking the matter into his own hands or otherwise there will be doubts regarding the future of the show.

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