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Turn Up Charlie Season 2: Reasons For Cancellation And Revival Possibilities

Some shows are close to the audience’s hearts, and they felt connected with the show. But the scenario of the show got completely changed when the show is no longer useful for the showrunners and the platform itself. Turn Up Charlie, Idris Alba starrer is quite with its plotline and cinematic elements. But still, Netflix opted to drop the show sequel and didn’t take much time in the process.

Reasons for Cancelation

There are so many reasons for a show cancellation, first is audience response, and the second one is budget issues to pull over another season. Turn Up Charlie has numerous reasons for cancelation as the first one is Idris Alba can’t link with Netflix officials, and as a resultant, both parties have to part their way from the show.

According to Netflix report, Turn Up Charlie was not pretty much appreciated by the audience, and hence the sequel was not seriously considered. They asserted some facts that show miserably failed at the platform, and in such conditions, there is no scope of renewal for the show. So for now, there is nothing much on the show, and Netflix already made its decision, and it seems like they won’t revert this.

Turn Up Charlie' Season 2 Not Happening: Netflix Canceled After ...

Source: What’s On Netflix

Possibilities of Revival

However, in the digital world, everything is possible, and some harsh decisions made by the platforms got reverted and shows scenarios were back to normal as the history evident for the cause. So it’s possible that Turn Up Charlie could be reconsidered for the release, and the renewal process will be much smoother later. However, there are no signs of a petition, just like with other shows, so that Netflix got an idea about to reconsider their move of cancellation. So there could be more chances if the fanbase itself will make requests and appeals.


Everybody is wondering about the cliffhanger of the show, and fans believe that show must go on with another season. Charlie is now in a complicated situation as he has to choose between Astrid or Sara. So there is a definite need for the sequel season to arrive so that fanbase will take a sigh of relief.

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