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Tom Holland’s Upcoming Movie Spiderman 3 Title Is Expected To Be “Homesick”

Well, we recently learned about the title of Spider-Man 3 from Marvel Studios. Assuming the title of this rumor is correct, Marvel and Sony will stand with the theme “Inception,” with the series’ debut as a welcome title Spider-Man: Homesick.

Before delving deeper, we must warn that this is a rumor at the moment and has not yet been confirmed by the study. Since these are major magazines and not small rumor-driven blogs, a certain level of credibility should be titled.

If we consider what Homic is actually doing in director John Watts and in the studio, what might this mean for Peter Parker’s next adventure? Peter was also blamed for Mysterio’s death in the process. Does this mean that you will run from the law? If so, then a young hero would have to imagine that it actually looks like a small house.

Tom Holland’s Upcoming Movie Spiderman 3 Titled Homesick?

The movie was originally scheduled to shoot over the summer, but Hollywood had to delay production with that. Tom Holland is currently filming for Uncreated and is expected to report to work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe after working on a video game adaptation for a long time.

The sequel will return for the sequel, starring MJ and Marissa Tomi as her Aunt May alongside Zendaya. Jk Simmons also got J. Once again. Joanna is expected to appear as Jameson. It is not yet known who will be the main villain. Unrelated rumors were circulating that Craven Hunter might be on the table, but it has yet to be confirmed.

MCU's Spider-Man 3 Movie Title Rumored To Be Homesick


The current version of the franchise, which is the result of a partnership between Disney and Sony, has proven to be quite successful. It is currently scheduled to hit theaters on December 17, 2024.  We will continue to make sure more are released. This news comes to us through the Murphy Multiverse. A new rumor points to Spider-Man: Homesick being the title of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

Other Updates!!

At the time, Marvel and Sony officially announced that Holland would return as Peter Spider-Man in Untitled Spider-Man 3, and another performance by the Avengers in another team-up movie.

While there is some evidence pointing to Spider-Man: Homesick being the title of the upcoming Spidey from Holland movie, we certainly won’t confirm it until Marvel Studios and Sony. It is also possible that the Netherlands can confirm the title in its own way if it knows. If it’s not titled Spider-Man: Homesick, it’s unclear when Marvel’s Spider-Man 3’s real name will be confirmed, respectively.

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