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Tom Cruise Will Go To Outer Space In Next Year For Shooting A New Movie

As claimed by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, NASA is working with Tom Cruise to a world-first movie in space. Details of the project are unclear, but Bridenstine says the film will address the International Space Station.

Obviously there will be an unprecedented pre-production on the space movie, which will include training to be able to withstand flights to outer space, but they tell me in no uncertain terms that these people are serious and hopefully in the near future. I can do this.

Bridenstine did not reveal how the cruise ship would participate in the adventure:

But a NASA spokesperson confirmed to CNN that the cruise ship would launch into space and aboard the ISS. Cruise is known for doing increasingly impressive stunts in his recent films, including favoring the Airbus A400, as it closes in 2015 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. It’s hard to think of stunts that are more difficult than making a feature film in space.

According to Deadline, Liman and Cruise got here up with the concept to shoot the film in the area together. Liman is writing the primary draft of the film’s script and is ready to supply the challenge with Cruise.

Leaman plans to shoot the action-adventure movie with Tom Cruise:

In an outdoor location that is being edited independently and includes Elon Musk and NASA’s Space X. Liman, who directed Cruise on American Made and Age of Tomorrow, and who gave character hits which includes Mr. And Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Identity, Go and Swingers, to re-crew on his first such project. Curious, I had been told.

It is unclear how or when the cruise ship will travel to the space station or additional crew members may join it. Russia is the only country that has the ability to transport humans from a space station, but SpaceX and Boeing have been working for years to develop a spacecraft capable of returning that ability to the United States.

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