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Trump Campaign Removed Space Video From YouTube That Violated NASA’s Regulations

The recent campaign to reelect President Donald Trump has shown a short-lived with the quote makes space great again and the video created this week has surprised NASA. This further to violate the regulations that are set to agency’s advertising on the depictions of its astronauts.

The video which has released by the Trump’s reelection campaign on YouTube this Wednesday was pulled down on Thursday with the note that states it was removed by the uploader. The video was removed from the other Media including Facebook and Twitter pages.

NASA officials confirmed on Thursday that the agency was unaware of the fact about the Trump’ campaign video before it was actually released in the public on Wednesday.

In the video campaign, the ad which featured about the footage of the historic launch of the SpaceX Demo-2 including the scenes of the two astronauts who flew to space towards the ISS under the mission along with the scenes of their families bidding farewell before the flight.

The retired NASA astronaut who is married to Hurley has complained about the video on Thursday saying that the consent was not given for her son or herself to be in appearing in the video.

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