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Tiger King: Legal Team Of Joe Exotic Going To Washington. DC For Presidential Pardon

Tiger King aka Joe Exotic is also known as Maldonado-Passage, he stared in the recent documentary on Netflix called Tiger King, he has been charged for a lot of offenses and currently is behind bars; however, his legal team have been trying hard to get him out of prison but is that going to happen?

To know what holds for our Tiger Kings future keep reading!

Joe Exotic's Legal Team Asks Trump to Free Joe in New Video


The first question that arises is, why is Joe Exotic in prison? To answer that we would like to make all the fans aware that prosecutors have mentioned that Maldonado-Passage or Joe Exotic has tried of killing Carole Baskin who is the founder of Big Cat Rescue, Joe posses big cats. Some of them have also died while living with him, and he has been accused of not taking care of the animals.

There is a video of Joe shooting a doll supposedly looking like Carole in the head not only this there are many videos of him digging up a grave for Carole and threatening her, these are some series issues that Joe needs to deal with.


Joe’s exotics new legal team is true at whatever they say, and They started bright and early on 18th May 2024 heading towards Wahington DC, as they are going to ask President Trump to give out Tiger King a pardon.

Could Joe get a pardon from the president? Well, it is unlikely so that the president will have time to look into this matter while he is dealing with a pandemic.

Joe’s team is posing that he was framed and he was not trying to kill Carole Baskin, and the time is riding on a bus with Tiger King on the poster, they are going in style.

We do not know if they will get a pardon from Trump or not, but we will keep fans updated in whatever happens next!

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