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White Lines Season 2: What Could Happen In Season 2

White Lines deeply shows about Ibiza, and it’s kind of tourism advertisement on a vast platform. White Line’s initial season was much appreciated by the fans, and they are expecting the sequel season of the show.

Renewal Status

However, there is no official confirmation about the renewal for the sequel season. But it is imminent that there will be another season for sure. However, the plot ends with a cliffhanger and signified for the sequel season.

Expected Release Date

However, the release date of the White Lines can’t be questioned as the show just arrived, and there is no official confirmation from the streaming giant. So we expect the release of sequel season next fall with a bit delay in months as the filming process likely to take time after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whitelines Season 2
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There is no official trailer for the sequel season yet, so don’t fall for fan-made trailers.

Expected Plot For Season 2

Now the center of attention is what could happen in sequel season? We are assuming with the reference for the first season as it is evident that Zoe Walker came to Ibiza to find his brother’s murderer.

Amidst her discovery, she fell in love with a Club Bouncer Boxer. Skipping all the events, we came to the point that she finally found the murderer of his brother, and it was none other than his childhood friend Anna who assassinated him for money he burnt in effigy. She also accompanied her husband, Marcus, who firstly disagreed with her but for the sake of love helped her.

Anna Future

Now Anna is married, and Zoe already knows that she is the killer and she will do something about it for sure. But the laws are different in the nation as there is no crime reported at that time, and Axel was reported missing. However, he discovered after 20 years, which is not considered as a crime according to Ibiza laws. So there will be some complications to put Anna to justice, and Zoe could also leave the town without punishing her. So anything could happen in season 2.

Marcus, The Dealer

Marcus is a specialist dealer, and now he wants to work for the Calafat family as the major in narcotics operation. He requested Mr. Calafat to be in charge and expanding their business. But the truth is that he wants to be debt-free and settle his disputes with Romanians.

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