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This ‘The Expendables’ Actor Being Eyed For Daredevil If Charlie Cox Steps Down

‘The Expendable’ actor could take Charlie Cox’s place as Daredevil in the MCU

Seeing Charle Cox as the devil from Hell’s Kitchen is a dream that many fans of the character have, however, the plans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) would be very different since a ‘Fast & Furious’ actor could embody the Superhero: Will it be Lucas Black or Jason Statham would be Daredevil at Marvel Studios?

The MCU's Deadpool Will Reportedly Be A Different Version From Fox's
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During the three seasons of the series of the man without fear, produced by Netflix, Cox proved to be an ideal Matt Murdock, for his abilities to interpret a character who is in duality to fulfill justice without going beyond the line of legal and immoral.

Charlie Cox was himself interested in the role:

That is why when it was reported that the hero would come to the MCU after his series was canceled, versions began to circulate that he could join the franchise from the third part of Spider-Man, an idea that he himself considers interesting.

To the bad luck of the actor’s fans, the sources reported that ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ protagonist Jason Statham would be Daredevil at Marvel Studios, giving a rougher version of this hero.

Statham is being eyed for the role as a second option:

According to the source, Statham is considering for the role but only as a second option, since if he does not reach any negotiation with Cox, the actor of ‘The Transporter’, he would have to wear the red suit.

The way to see Daredevil in the MCU is not yet clear, however, we hope that the fate of this New York defender will be announced soon.

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