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There’s A Ongoing Debate On Twitter, If Goofy Is a Cow Or A Dog

The Internet has lit us all up in a debate with fire at least once a year.

For the past 24 hours, Twitter has been fighting over Goofy’s animal heritage.

Is your design based on the cow? Is your designer dog based? The root of the problem stems from a meme that begins to roll back a year or two, saying, “When you came to know that when you were senseless, was there really a cow and not a dog?”

According to some shots of proof, it is said that Goofy is a design of a Scottish cow.

That camp is always overtaken by an argument: If it’s a dumb dog, why would it even have a pet dog named Pluto? The per group remains strong, based on a stubborn design to continue meaningless. After all, none of us had really known him. So what is the truth? The House of Mouse remains silent about the case, so investigators are left on social media to find the truth.

This is what they are saying:

Sharing crying gif.

Twitter is filled with the debates of Goofy whether he is a cow or a dog.


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Kane Dane

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